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Matcherly closes the gap.

Many people meet each other today on web platforms - regardless of whether this is for dating, car sale or searching for a babysitter or a flat share - eveyone meets online. Do you know where you meet much more people?

Offline... In real life! You meet many people day by day - in a restaurant, in the supermarket, at a concert, in the train - and some of them might offer exactly what you're looking for - or vice versa.

With Matcherly you will constantly know your surrounding - and for example, your counterpart in the subway is suddenly no longer just any other passenger but your babysitter for tomorrow evening.

Matcherly revolutionizes dating. Long-time chatting after a lengthy search on a dating portal? Not anymore! Get in contact with the person sitting at the table next to you.

Matcherly brings people together whose profiles result in a match, and if you encounter such a "right" person, Matcherly even reminds you - and it is up to you to decide immediately in this moment if this match will change your future life.


New and yet a stranger in the city?

Freshly seperated and lonely?

Too busy and stressed to constantly go out in search for new friends, the great love or leisure partners?

Want to go to a concert, but going alone is boring?

Visit the theatre, but none of your friends is interested in culture?

Interested in a new sport, but no one here to practice it together?

Single parent and demand for an exchange with like-minded people?

Searching for a business partner on a specific topic?

Not a problem anymore!

Matcherly is a contemporary get-to-know-app that has been missing by all of us:

You bring real new people into your life that will enrich it. One click and you see who is in your immediate environment -

with the same interests, aspirations or plans like you!

Or you will be found and can decide whether you will encounter in real life.

With Matcherly you're just alone if you want to be alone!


Like no other app up to now Matcherly uses technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi Peer-To-Peer to set up a communication between mobile devices. By using this configuration Matcherly is working independently of having internet access via 3G/4G/WiFi which enables it to work in situations such as being abroad without having a data-roaming tariff and in a club or seducted places with no or slow network connection.

It also enables you – in contrast to all other location based dating apps – to check your immediate surroundings to exactly know who is around you and who is matching your set filter. This can be in a restaurant, a train or the cash desk in the supermarket.

We managed to handle the used technologies to make them as invisible as possible for the user (on Android and iOS), no interaction is needed to set up the connection to other devices which makes Matcherly easy to use but yet not just another dating app.


Until now we developed Matcherly to show that our idea can become reality and that all identified issues can be solved. We have a working proto-type which shows the functionality - focused on dating and the so-called “metro-chat” - but has yet not all planned features implemented. Also extending the technical layer by using Bluetooth LE is one point on our agenda. We are full of ideas how Matcherly can get the number-one social app of the future.


To bring our vision to the next level we are searching for an strategic investor and partner who wants to join our journey and who will support the further developments and the market entry of Matcherly with both, financial network - to refine the proto-type and implement/extend features which can be monetized - and expertise contributions to publish the great opportunities of this application. To enable this an investment of €400k is needed. The investment will be primarily used for product development - operational costs - market entry/marketing and promotion on digital channels
(facebook, google, youtube).
We are oriented to expand worldwide and open for any development.
If you want to join us please contact us at


We are planning an open test-session with all interested people who want to help matcherly get best-in-category app and be part of the first steps of something big. All you need is your mobile device (Android or iPhone), motivation and some time.
The event will take place in October or November 2015 in Vienna/Austria.

Want to be part of the Matcherly-Family?
Just send us your application at


CEO of Dreamsystem Media GmbH

founder and idea-generator of "Matcherly"
experienced in new technologies and project/process management
20 years of working at global IT companies in different positions


CEO of Mario Mathera GmbH

business consultant
experienced in B2B sales, marketing, project/process management, strategy development
broad knowledge in business development and finance


CEO of Olbrich Media und Immobilien GmbH & G.K.O. Equity Veranlagungs GmbH

experienced in every kind of media, advertising and marketing
broad knowledge in business development and finance


CEOs of Digitalsunray Media GmbH

responsible for software development of “Matcherly”
long-standing experience in digital advertising/marketing (online & mobile)

Dreamsystem Media GmbH
Otto Bauer Gasse 6/2
1060 Vienna

Phone: +43 (664) 5001446